Above Ground Swimming Pool Sand Filter Tank Hole

High Rate Sand Filter Tank has a hole, can it be patched? It is a fiberglass tank, and the dealers say buy a new one!
We opened the pool last week, and discovered a small hole in the bottom of the tank. Everything else is works fine. There has surely got to be a way to patch this fiberglass tank, without spending 0.00 on a new one. Can anyone tell me how? Or give a link with instructions, please email me if you have exact details. My children & family would appreciate the help! They are ready to swim!!!!!!

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  • Katmando:

    Easy fix, I did ours at home and we have two of them. Go to any hardware store a ask for a fiberglass patch kit. It will come with the epoxy and fiberglass patch that you need. Patch from the inside and make sure the area is clean and dry before you apply the patch. Be careful it heats up and will dry fast.

  • tj t:

    go to a home depot, and ask for what is called epoxy resin.
    follow instrucions on container

  • christmaso2000:

    I’m not sure what you mean about a "tank".. however, I worked for a Fiberglass Co. once and yes, we "patched" all the time.
    I would "bet" that if you were to call a "boat shop" or check at a hardware store, you ‘might’ find a small kit that would work as a "home" repair.

    Fiberglass is made up of a "sticky" RESIN and CATLYIST
    is mixed to cause the hardening… usually type of MAT is used in strips to apply and "paint" over (with the resin mix)

    Use THAT terminology when inquiring — if they know what you are asking for — they might just have it..

    Good luck — and worse comes to worse — contact the MFG — if it’s repairable, maybe they have a kit..
    or http://www.bestpoolcleaner.org (Terry Wells) is the owner
    there’s an 800 # … He is a wonderful man – tell him Cris
    told you about Him — maybe He could "suggest" or even make up a kit and send it….

  • windancerhil:

    If you patch it do it from the INSIDE. Pressure will tend to blow a patch off if done from outside. Probably won’t last long though. Filters tend to "swell" when the pump is turned on. This might result in breaking the patch loose if it doesn’t move at the same degree as the tank. Best advice really is to replace it. But a patch might suffice for a while. Good luck.

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