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Do I need a new Pool Filter? I have a pretty large in-ground pool, and I’m not sure the exact type of filter it is..its not sand. When i turn the filter on The jet stream coming from the pool is nice and strong but maybe 5 minutes later the power diminishes to basically nothing, so i turn it off and re-pump it 3 times so its powerful again, but again…5 minutes later the jet stream power is nothing. This becomes a huge problem when i go to vacuum the pool because i get no suction. Do i need to purchase a new pool filter or is there something i can do to make it work properly?
Its a D.E. hayward

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2 Responses to “New Pool Filter”

  • Jim S:

    It sounds like the media in your filter is collapsing under the pressure. If you can’t open it and replace the media and DE yourself you need to hire someone to do it.

  • donnyv:

    you need to know what type of system you have and schedule the cleaning

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