Sand pool filter has no pressure

Sand pool filter has no pressure. Any ideas? Inground pool with 10-month old Hayward sand filter. I vacuumed the other day on the “waste” setting… and ever since it has had no pressure and not circulating at all.

Pool place thought the sand might need to be replaced already. Shouldn’t that only need to be done like every 5 years.

Any other ideas on what the problem could be?

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3 Responses to “Sand pool filter has no pressure”

  • poolman:

    your pump has lost re prime pump,turn off pump and open the air relief valve.this is right below pressure gage.once pressure is gone turn on pump watch for a solid stream of water,then close air relief valve.sand filter is fine

  • Dale Buchanan:

    The pump has lost it prime. While vacuuming you got some air in the system and the pump is sucking air and not water. Try to figure how to re prime the pump. Some pumps have a visable filter the the top can be removed. If so take the top off and fill with water, you may have to do this a couple of times. You can email me direct if you like. email: Regards, Dale

  • Cindy:

    Our sand filter was loosing suction. The pool sweep stopped working. It when from low , to no suction over night. We can’t get it to prime and we can’t back flush.

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