Pool filter spits sand back to my pool

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why is my pool filter shooting sand into my pool? In-ground Hayward super pump

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5 Responses to “Pool filter spits sand back to my pool”

  • jmeechum:

    If it’s filter sand, and it’s happening all the time,its very likely there’s damage in the filter; one of the laterals at the bottom of the tank, or the center pipe assembly may be cracked. (The filter would need to be emptied and taken apart to dtermine this.)

    If it only happens when backwashing, it may just be some sand in the valve / plumbing. This can be eliminated or minimized by running the pump with the valve on the "rinse" position for a few seconds before turning it back to "filter".

    It doesn’t really have anything to do with the pump (unless the pump is too powerful for the filter and it damaged the filter); the problem is with the filter.

  • Larry m:

    to much sand in filter or it needs back washing to reduce pressure

  • hotrod5678:

    try using the rinse setting on your filter after you back wash this helps to settle the sand down before going back into filter setting.

  • D R:

    sounds like to me that the laterals under the sand and rock have holes in them.you would have to have the sand and rock taken out to check all laterals to find the 1or more that have holes

  • sr71black:

    it looks to me like meechum up above pretty much covered it…heres a link to keep with sand filter tips and some info on different types of sand filter media: http://poolfiltration.net

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