Choice of Disinfection Equipment for Indoor Swimming Pool

Pool disinfection equipment is essential. Villa indoor swimming pools, designed for private family use, should be ornamental, practical, and entertaining. However, even if indoor villa swimming pools are frequently replaced, there will inevitably be dust, bacteria and floating objects, resulting in substandard swimming pool water quality, which seriously affects the swimming experience and the health of swimmers. So, how to choose indoor private swimming pool disinfection equipment? Pool disinfection equipment and disinfection methods need to be selected according to the user’s requirements for water quality.

Disinfection Equipment
Pool disinfection equipment is essential. Villa indoor swimming pools, designed for private family use, should be ornamental, practical, and entertaining.

Swimming pool disinfection method

Pool chlorine tablet disinfection

Chlorine disinfection is often used in the initial stage of pool disinfection, which is achieved by injecting a drug pump into the circulation pipe. It should be added in accordance with water quality guidelines, can not be too low or too high, too low can not reach the disinfection effect, too high will harm the body, such as stinging eyes, nausea and vomiting, chest tightness, headache, shortness of breath and other discomfort. As the indoor environment is sealed and humid, chlorine will produce chloramines and trihalomethanes harmful to the human body in the process of oxidizing organic matter, it is recommended that the villa indoor private swimming pool should be carefully considered.

Ozone disinfection of swimming pool

Ozone disinfection is a very strong oxidizing substance, oxidation speed is fast, can be bactericidal in a short time. The disadvantage is that the machine room covers a large area, large power consumption and high cost. Negative pressure is needed to prevent ozone leakage and an alarm system is installed to mitigate the damage caused by ozone leakage. Compared with chlorine disinfection, ozone disinfection has better disinfection performance and faster disinfection speed, which can improve the clarity of water. In addition, ozone disinfection has a flocculating effect, which can reduce the number of water decontamination. However, an independent machine room is required, which is not suitable for indoor private swimming pools, and large swimming pools and competitive swimming pools are generally used.

Swimming pool disinfector

Ultraviolet disinfection

The ultraviolet disinfection method is to disinfect the pool water by irradiation with an ultraviolet lamp. The DNA and RNA molecular structures in microbial cells are destroyed using UV light of the appropriate wavelength. Strong disinfection ability, can kill cryptosporidium and other microorganisms. But compared to ozone, it has no flocculating effect and can be used in indoor private swimming pools and high-temperature bubble pools.

Metal ion sterilizer

A metal ion sterilizer uses physical disinfection methods, more stable than chlorine disinfection, can effectively inhibit the production of irritating products and special odors, and the maintenance cost is lower. The product works by generating copper and silver ions, which can effectively remove algae, bacteria and viruses. The metal ion water purification method is effective in killing bacteria commonly found in swimming pool water, such as Legionnaires’ disease and many other bacterial viruses. When copper and silver ions are released into water, these positively charged ions on the surface prove to be very effective natural fungicides. More safe and effective, suitable for high-end swimming pools with high water environment requirements.


The above discussion provides insights on choosing indoor private pool disinfection equipment,  pool disinfection equipment is the guarantee of healthy water quality, the use of various physical disinfection equipment sterilization methods, reduce the reliance on disinfectants, reduce the impact of disinfection on the human body and the environment. Improve water safety and comfort,