Advantages of Pool Sand Filter and Production Precautions

We all know that pool sand filters are full of quartz sand, but why is this done? We all know that water can penetrate to the surface and become clear groundwater. In experiments, we can pass muddy water through deep sand layers to filter out clean water; this process is based on the principle of deep filtration, similar to how a sand box operates. When the pool water passes through the sand tank, these special sand filters will remove the tiny dirt in the pool water, the impurities in the water will be intercepted by the sand, and the water will flow back into the pool through the pipe. This paper mainly introduces the advantages of pool sand filter and its production precautions.

pool sand filter
we can pass muddy water through deep sand layers to filter out clean water

The quantity of sand in the pool sand filter

The quartz sand of the pool sand filter does not have to fill the entire sand tank, which is generally two-thirds of the volume of the filter sand tank. But that’s not the standard answer. It is sufficient to provide space for the filtered dirt, and it is not necessary to leave a third of the tank empty, so there is no standard amount of sand filling, which is completely based on the actual situation.

The use of pool sand filters reflects the advantages of aspects

Regarding circulation filtration

The swimming pool sand tank filtration generally uses single or multi-layer filtration materials, and generally uses a filtration speed of 30-45 meters/hour. The filtration effect is obvious, and the turbidity of the pool can be kept below 5 NTU. The cleaning method of the sand tank is backwashing, which needs to be backwashed every other cycle (half a year or a year). Good filtering effect, generally can be used for 7 or 8 years. The quartz sand inside is replaced every three years, which is economical and convenient to maintain.

Regarding drug addition

Sandbox filtration generally requires flocculant (liquid pool clarifier) to flocculate fine particles in the water before filtration. After filtering out the water, add a pool coagulant or pH regulator. In the way of measurement, the flow meter is usually used to control the dose of the drug, and it can be easily controlled automatically . Wall-mounted integrated filters cannot add flocculants before filtration, and two applicators are usually provided when medication is added.

Constant temperature equipment

The filter equipment uses a heat exchanger, electric thermostat, or a heat pump for energy-efficient temperature control, and it automatically regulates the thermostat.

Use effect

The filter unit is constructed from traditional stainless steel and is connected to the water supply. At the same time, the water supply layout is reasonable, and the dead water area is less, which fully shows the effect of circulating filtration.

Precautions for the production of swimming pool sand filter

  1. The swimming pool sand filter requires the parallel distance difference between the tank and the filter plate to be no more than 2mm. The material of the filter cap is superior to nylon, followed by ABS. Due to the addition of the filter material on the upper part, the crushing load on the filter cap is very high, and high strength is required to avoid deformation. Elastic rubber pads are required on the contact surfaces (upper and lower surfaces) of the filter cover and filter plate.
  2. The levelness and non-uniformity of the filter plate are less than 1.5mm. The structure of the filter plate is superior in terms of overall processing. When the diameter of the cylinder is large, or when limited by raw materials, transportation, etc., it can also be formed by double-layer splicing.
  3. The radial error of the through hole machined on the filter plate is ±1.5mm. The increase in the size of the filter cap guide and filter plate through holes is not conducive to the installation or fixing of the filter cap. The through holes must be machined using mechanical equipment.
  4. Proper treatment of the joint between the filter plate and cylinder in the pool sand filter is particularly important for air backwashing. In order to eliminate the error in the process of filter plate processing and the radial clearance between the filter plate and the cylinder caused by cylinder rolling, the arc ring plate is usually welded piece by piece. Full contact areas must be used. The radial clearance of the center tube and filter plate is treated in the same way as above. At the same time, it reflects the uniformity of backwash and filter channels. .

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