Filter Method of Pool Sand Filter and Pool Water Quality Standard

In the sand tank of the sand filter, a certain scale of quartz sand is generally placed in the sand tank. The size and specifications of quartz sand are different within a certain range. In the sand tank, quartz sand is arranged from top to bottom, from small to large. During normal filtration, water enters from the upper layer of sand and comes out from the lower layer. The filter method of pool sand filter is suitable for swimming pool, water park and massage pool water filtration, as well as industrial water purification, seawater and freshwater aquaculture, etc., which is characterized by: winding glass fiber and forming, strengthened treatment, pressure resistance and corrosion resistance. This paper mainly introduces the filter principle and method of pool sand filter.

Clean pool after cleaning

Swimming pool water filtration standards

1. In order to meet the requirements of good water quality and cleanliness and transparency of the pool water during use, it is necessary to carry out continuous circulation filtration of secondary pollution caused by swimmers to the pool water, that is, to draw out a certain proportion of the pool water by circulating pump, add an appropriate amount of coagulant (when filtered by quartz sand and other particles), and then filter, and then disinfected the filtered water. After heating, it is returned to the swimming pool for reuse, and so on. It can be clearly seen from this process that the pool water purification treatment of swimming pools is based on the theory of dilution.

2. The turbidity of the swimming pool water is low, generally not more than 10NTU, and the turbidity is relatively stable, and the change range is small, after adding an appropriate amount of coagulant solution to the circulating purification treatment of the pool water, it is directly entered into the particle filter, which does not set up static reaction equipment, and sets the action of interception, condensation and adsorption in one, so that the pool water can be clarified and filtered Filtration for contact.

The filtration method of the pool sand filter

The pool water should be pre-filtered to remove the coarse particles in the pool water.

Fine filtration to remove suspended particles and colloidal flocculents in the pool water, fine filtration should be set before the pre-filtration.

When the water flows through the filter layer from the top, some of the solid suspended substances in the water enter the tiny void formed by the upper material and are intercepted by the surface layer of the filter material by adsorption and mechanical filtration. At the same time, overlap and bridge effect occur between these suspended substances, just like forming a film on the surface of the filter layer to continue filtering the suspended substances in the water. This is the so-called membrane filtration of the surface layer of the filter material.

Performance characteristics of pool sand filter

The degree of cleanliness and transparency of the pool water not only affects the health and comfort of the swimmer, but more importantly, it is difficult to identify the swimmer’s human activities in the pool and the bottom of the pool, especially the activities of children, which will cause unnecessary harm and danger to the swimmer, so it is essential to keep the pool water clear and transparent. Therefore, reducing the turbidity of the pool water, the transparency of the pool water, removing most of the gelatinous or granular organic matter, bacteria and viruses in the pool water, ensuring the safety and health of swimmers, and filtering the pool water is a water filtration treatment process. The pool sand filter with good filtration performance plays a huge role in the treatment of swimming pool sewage.

  1. Excellent quality glass fiber resin production molding, high density, uniform thickness, tight winding.
  2. With super anti-ultraviolet and corrosion resistance, long service life.
  3. Compared with the same type of products, it has better cost-effective and heavier weight.
  4. The maximum operating temperature is 50℃.
  5. The effluent turbidity is less than 2NTU.
  6. The test pressure of the swimming pool filtration equipment is 1.5 times the working pressure, and the cycle test is 20,000 times.

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