Swimming Pool Water Treatment Equipment Installation Requirements

Pool cleaning equipment is an essential part of pool accessories. When first building a swimming pool, it’s important to understand each part in detail. No matter what kind of pool equipment you choose, you must arrange the location of the pool room and plan the area of the pool room. Let’s take a look at the installation requirements and layout of swimming pool equipment.

Swimming pool disinfection
Preparation of the potion before disinfecting the pool

Installation requirements for swimming pool cleaning equipment

Pool circulation filtration system

Swimming pool circulation filtration comes in three types: downstream, counter-current, and mixed. As balance pools occupy more space and increase costs, priority is given to choosing the downstream type, followed by the mixed type, and the counter-current type is rarely used, if chosen, only for open-air swimming pools. The characteristic of counter-current circulation method is that the used swimming pool water is discharged from the return port of the overflow tank near the pool bank or on both sides, and after purification treatment, the water supply port at the bottom of the pool is sent into the pool.

Pool equipment selection technical parameters

  1. The calculated temperature of the pool water is 27℃, and the heating temperature is 28℃
  2. Filter sand cylinder filtration speed of 30~40m/h, head loss of 5~7m, filter erosion strength 8~12L/(s, m)
  3. Pool cycle 4~6h

Design principles of swimming pool equipment room

  1. The pool equipment room should be as close to the pool as possible, because by the construction, affected by the structure and constraints, the equipment should be environmentally friendly, small, efficient and supporting supply.
  2. The net height of the equipment room must be at least 2m. Generally, you can choose the sandwich space around the pool body and the bottom of the pool as the equipment room, but the partition wall is required to be separated from the pool, and the partition wall and the pool body can be used as a pipeline placement and maintenance channel.
  3. The pool room should be equipped with drainage pipes for erosion prevention and drainage of the pool water treatment equipment filter.
  4. The above-ground drainage ditch of the swimming pool shall be set separately and shall not be shared with the overflow ditch of the swimming pool. Swimming pool dosing equipment should choose a complete set of residual chlorine online monitoring and measuring equipment.

Full pool cleaning equipment

Balancing tank (balancing tank), circulating water pump, filter, dosing device, heat exchanger, disinfection equipment, drug storage, control equipment, etc., and should be arranged according to the process order.

Pool cleaning equipment in the equipment room layout requirements

  • The equipment room of the circulating water purification equipment of the swimming pool is set above the ground or one floor above the ground, and the conveying equipment, pipelines and chemical channels and vertical lifting holes should be set up, and the size and carrying capacity should meet the maximum needs of the equipment transportation;
  • The height and area of the equipment room must meet the requirements for layout, construction, installation, and maintenance of the water purification equipment.
  • The equipment room should be clearly separated from other rooms, and the equipment located on the floor should present load data to the structural professional equipment;
  • The equipment room should be provided with access to the circulating water pipeline corridor or pipeline trench; The fire rating and fire protection design of the machine room should meet the requirements of the current national standard swimming pool machine room.

Installation requirements for the equipment room

  1. The ambient temperature of the equipment room should not be lower than 5 °C
  2. The ambient temperature in the control room should not be lower than 16 °C, but the maximum should not exceed 35 °C;
  3. There should be good lighting, ventilation and ground drainage measures;
  4. The foundation of all rotating equipment and connecting pipes should have good vibration isolation and noise reduction measures;
  5. The equipment room should be separated from other rooms and sound insulation measures should be taken.
  6. All swimming pool equipment, devices, containers, and pipes in the equipment room should be installed on foundations or supports at least at a height of 0 to 10cm above the ground.

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